FEATURED BOOK: The Best Wedding Reception...Ever! by Peter Merry

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'The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!" by Peter Merry for only $14.95



If you could choose 3 words to describe your wedding what would they be?

If one of your answers was "FUN" than this book is for you!


For years bridal magazines, wedding planning books and bridal-focused television shows have explored every facet of wedding celebrations except one... the FUN! Ask anyone who has attended a wedding and they usually remember if the experience was 'fun'.

Brides are told to shop for 'music' when in reality they need appropriate entertainment that is geared toward the couple and their friends and family.

In this ground breaking book, Peter Merry will shine a light on the subject of creating a fun and memorable wedding reception. You will learn how to choose the right vendors that know how to deliver an unforgettable event.

You'll also discover how to map out a timeline that flows smoothly while encouraging your guests involvement.

The book also explores ideas for creating memorable moments that can be personalized to fit your style.